What is an archivist?

According to the Dictionary of Archives Terminology, an archivist is "a professional with expertise in the management of records of enduring value." Archivists' responsibilities include "appraisal, acquisition, description, preservation, and the provision of access to records of enduring value and /or management of an archival repository."*

What is a roving archivist?

A roving archivist is a professional archivist who will travel to different archival repositories to advise and encourage best practices in the management, arrangement, preservation, acquisition, and access of archival collections. Once the RAP is established, the roving archivist will complete a site visit and an individualized needs assessment survey of individual repositories and its practices as a whole. Repositories will be selected through an application process on a yearly basis.

When will the Roving Archivist Program be up and running?

There is no set start date for the Roving Archivist Program. The second phase of the grant-funded project will involve using the recommendations from the survey to establish the program. Please consider subscribing to our mailing list to receive updates regarding the program.